Kimberlite Core Logging Underway

Our drill hole into the Kgare kimberlite is approaching 300m (2021aug22). The core is re-located from the drill site to a secure facility where logging is underway by professional geologists. We are pleased with the progress to date.

Drill core is laid for geological logging.

Important observations include the frequency, size and state of the kimberlite indicator suite. In particular, the garnet indicator chemistry is an important statement of the diamond potential. In core, garnets often appear with kelyphite reaction rims.

Purple-pink garnet with a very fine grained kelyphite rim

A large number of the indicators, such as this garnet, will be collect for mineral chemistry. The indicator chemistry will assist us in evaluating the kimberlite for its diamond potential. "Indicators" are usually far more common than diamonds although we plan to recover the diamonds as well.

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