Orapa-Venetia Corridor Project

Eastport Ventures explores using existing airborne data and advanced proprietary algorithms to detect kimberlite intrusions.
Eastport Ventures explores the area between the Orapa diamond mine in Botswana and the Venetia diamond mine in South Africa.

Regional Diamond Exploration

Our discovery team makes use of existing public data layers. This is a cost effective way of being competitive in a very competitive business. The global miners who make use of similar data sets, however, often lack our in-country presence. Our quick access to such treasures as drill core libraries means we can provide real-time observations to further develop our exploration models.

The Orapa-Venetia Corridor extending from the South African boarder through to Orapa is characterized by an extensive network of thin intrusions with very pronounced magnetic values that impair and mask kimberlite intrusions. Some of this network is visible on the image to the left.

Our efforts aim to strip away this network and then processing the image to highlight kimberlite-style anomalies using a specialized sequence of filters. Areas of high interest will be considered for licencing.

The image left is one of twelve map sheets being processed by our team.