Matsitama Project - Copper

Eastport Ventures explores for copper in the Matsitama Schist Belt in north-central Botswana.

Above: Airborne Spectrem EM survey. The view is a conductivity layer at -225m below surface. Red or "hot" is conductive geology and blue or "cool" is not. Patterns and conductive levels will help with the geological interpretation and targeting.


Black lines are the Licence areas while the small white block is the Thakadu Mine and is excluded from the Option agreement. Drill holes are small black dots.

New Project for 2021

March 2021

Eastport has elected to exercise its option to acquire Matsitama Minerals. The major asset of the company is a series of Prospecting Licences in north-central Botswana covering the bulk of the Matsitama Schist Belt. This late Proterozoic meta-sedimentary/meta-volcanic belt hosts copper and gold mineralization. 

Our programme will capitalize on a massive historic dataset that includes two airborne surveys, over 200,000 rock and soil samples and an astonishing 50,000m of drilling. Our programme includes a compilation and re-processing these data. Two of the new exciting layers are below.

Once we are satisfied with the various layers we will employ a Self-Organizing-Map (SOM) analysis to identify data associations that will eventually lead to a prospectivity map. We are expecting new targets for exploration.

Notwithstanding the SOM results, we also have the Nakalakwana deposit yet to be fully constrained. An existing Samrec-quantified resource of 9.9 Mt grading 0.46% copper offers an near-term economic opportunity. Numerous other copper, gold, and zinc drill intervals also require follow up. For example:


  • Phudulooga DS07-011: 4.42% Cu, 5.94 g/t Ag over 3.3m from 24.1m depth

  • Phute PRC-010: 0.27% Cu over 94m from 19.0m depth

  • Lepashe Grab sample: 2.14% Cu, 3.47g/t Ag

The company's Environmental Impact Statement was authorised by the Department of Environmental Affairs in February 2021. We are now able to drill.

Here: The same Airborne Spectrem EM survey. The view is a conductivity layer with an enhanced radiometric drape. Pink is potassium alteration (K).

Nakalakwana copper deposit