Jwaneng North Project



March 2019

Eastport Ventures was awarded two Prospecting Licences (PL360/2016 & PL011/2017) for precious stones on 1 January and 1 April, 2017 respectively for an initial period of three years. The PL’s cover 332 km2 next to the very rich Jwaneng Diamond Mine. An application for a third smaller PL was submitted in February 2019.

Within the PL’s, kimberlites are known. The diamond-bearing Kgare kimberlite was tested by De Beers in 2003. A follow up test is warranted in part due to current prices being approximately 40% higher and because of questions are remaining after studying the historical reports. Eastport views this kimberlite as an opportunity to quickly proceed to an advanced stage of commercial testing.

Additionally, exploration work identified three kimberlite targets requiring drilling. EVB001, 003 & 004 each have magnetic and coincident gravity signatures often associated with kimberlites. Two targets have no evidence of historical work while the third's exploration work was not reported.

Lost Core found in Kang

November 2017

Locating historic data and the diamond results of the previous explorer is proving to be difficult. One small success was the discovery of core from an early drill hole programme into the Kgare kimberlite. The core was stored in the  Government's Kang Core Shed approximately 250km west of Kgare.


Predominately weathered pyroclastic kimberlite but some of the textural and mineral grain observations as well as the xenolith distributions are interesting. To the left you can see a G10 purple garnet frequently associated with diamond. To the far left wonderful pelletal lapilli are noted.

Drill casings at Kgare kimberlite

April 2017

First order of business is locating the historical drill casings at Kgare. These casings are known points from which the geology can be described. Various "phases" (different geology) of the kimberlite may contain different quantities of diamonds!